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RO T-SHIRTS Classic Corduroy Hat


What is RO T-SHIRTS about?

RO T-SHIRTS is about ART on Clothing & Accessories. Through my art and designs, I talk about the things that many people find interesting. Like UFOs, Secrets of the Ancient World, Legends in the Music Industry, cool Conspiracy Facts and in reality, anything that I feel to talk about you know. I don't like to be put on a solo subject or in a box. I am a free living human being and an artist, I don't like stereotypes, and people putting me in a special category of things. I just like to paint about the things that I like. I like the subject of UFOs and cool mysteries of the world a lot. But I also love Jazz for example, and so many other things... So on my products what you are getting is a piece of my mind and my heart. It's the real me.

A hat made of corduroy? That’s a yes! Get your hands on a hat that’ll serve you for ages. The corduroy fabric has stood the test of time thanks to its best features—softness, affordability, and durability. Get yours now!

• 100% cotton corduroy
• Soft, unstructured crown
• Cotton twill sweatband and taping
• Adjustable buckle

Size guide

A (inches) 20-22
B (inches) 4 ¼
C (inches) 2 ½
D (inches) 7 ¼