About Me


It all started 28 years ago.

I remember that day like if it was yesterday. We went on a family trip to the west side of Puerto Rico to the town of Rincon, I was 12 years old. Later that day in the afternoon I was playing in the sand with my parents and I remember seeing this kid with a bodyboard in this little tiny waves and I immediately was intrigued by that. A couple of minutes passed, and I ran to the kid and asked him if I could borrow his bodyboard for a second to see if I could catch the little tiny waves on the shore, he say yes and gave me his board. I jumped in the water with my parents watching me very closely and got my first little tiny wave ever! Yeah!! My life in that instant changed forever. 

Since that day many, many years have passed but my love for surfing and the ocean has remained the same. About 8 years ago I fell in love with the art world and I have been an artist since then. 

I have always been a kid inside of me, wearing t-shirts everywhere I go. Always looking for a good t-shirt to wear. Two years ago I was working in a surf shop of a friend of mine and he told me to create a line of t-shirts for his shop with my art, I did it and my life change once again for the better. Ever since then I got independent, created my own company, designing cool and unique surfing t-shirts.  

Because I am a surfer that believes in preserving our planet and our worlds oceans, I only use Premium Eco-Friendly t-shirts made with the higher standards.

I have one goal an is to make you smile when you see one of my t-shirts. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and don't forget to say hi on Instagram & Facebook! @rotshirts