About Us


 Welcome to RO T-SHIRTS!

Hi, my name is Ronco Ortiz and I am a neo-expressionist artist from Puerto Rico. I started painting in 2012 and since then I have not stopped. My passion is art, it is what I live for and love to do every day. I like to use mixed media on my paintings from oil pastels, acrylics, markers, spray paint, ballpoint pen, pencil, whatever I find useful, I use it. In my 9-year career as a professional working artist, the things I talk about the most are relevant topics about injustice, power structures, everyday struggles, mysteries, weird phenomena like UFOs, things I like, and cool jazz artists.

In 2018, after a couple of years of thinking about how I can make everyone enjoy my art everywhere outside of galleries, I founded my company RO T-SHIRTS. I took the best eco-friendly, high-end and sustainable t-shirts available on the market and added my artwork on them at an affordable price. So what you're essentially buying is a real work of art printed on a real artist's t-shirt and canvas - something you can't get anywhere else just here.

We support and only buy our t-shirts from Sweatshop-Free facilities. Our goal is to be part of the positive change that the world needs. We support sustainable companies that have a commitment just like us, to reduce their carbon footprint on planet earth.

My t-shirts are for those looking for something super unique outside of the mainstream media market. Our clients support small brands / businesses like us, because they understand the value and importance of doing so.

Here at RO T-SHIRTS we welcome you all, and I hope you can be a part of our family and brand for many years to come.

Ronco Ortiz