Repto Humanimal, aka Reptilians

Reptilian of the Orion Group
They are credited with manipulating 21 other systems currently in the Galaxy. Its hierarchy is divided into a social system like the one that became known in the dark ages of Europe.
Here you can clearly see these huge sculptures of these reptilian humanoids carved in stone. As an artist, I can tell you that things don't come out of nowhere. Those who made these strange sculptures, it is because they wanted to somehow record the reality of what they were seeing at that time so that future generations would know.
In these murals of Egypt you can clearly observe, the metamorphosis of a reptilian being to an Egyptian pharaoh, indicating who the rulers really were. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: Will these reptilian beings, or as I call them, repto humanimal, continue to rule and control the elites of our world? Or have they gone to conquer other galaxies or the lands beyond the ice walls?...