Famous Actor Jackie Gleason Real Encounter with Extraterrestrials

In 1974 President Richard Nixon was playing golf with his close friend and Hollywood Legend, Jackie Gleason at the Inverrary Golf and Country Club just outside of Miami in South Florida during a vacation to his holiday home. According to the account, relayed initially by Gleason’s wife at the time, Beverly McKittrick, later that evening a knock came at the Gleason’s front door. When they answered, there stood Nixon. He was, however, on his own, with no security guards. It is claimed he said to Gleason that he wished to show him something and that he should accompany him. With that, with Nixon himself driving an ordinary standard car, the two men drove off.
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They would head south, eventually arriving at Homestead Air Force Base. The two men, after Nixon presented his appropriate credentials to the security, entered the facility. They entered a heavily guarded building by Air Policemen, and Nixon guided them to an inner chamber where a crashed UFO was parked and covered with special blankets. There, Gleason was in shock: he was looking at what appeared to be four frozen “mangled children”. On closer inspection, he realized that they were not human. Upon returning to his home he was apparently very unsettled, noticeably disturbed and panicked. This was enough to alarm his wife at the time, his second wife Beverly McKittrick, and after at first denying that anything was wrong after several sleepless weeks, during which he could barely even eat, the shaken Gleason apparently came clean and told her everything, swearing her to secrecy in the process. Unfortunately for him, Gleason and Beverly’s marriage was on the rocks at the time, and she promptly broke her promise to keep it all secret. The comedian himself would stay silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying his wife’s tale, and only apparently coming clean in 1986, when UFO researcher Larry Warren claims Gleason himself confided in him to tell him it was all true.


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